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and I’m dedicated to transforming the workplace by transforming its leaders. As a leadership coach and clinical hypnotherapist, I help leaders struggling with self-doubt, performance anxiety, overwork, fear of failure, and perfectionism to develop genuine self-confidence, a feeling of legitimacy, and an ability to assert themselves. I help them reconnect with their needs and aspirations. This transforms and boosts their leadership. They finally guide with confidence, dare to have tough conversations, and they are more productive and effective than ever,


I do this through coaching and hypnotherapy and a 20-year career as a manager in the corporate world and later as a director in people and organizational development. As a goal-oriented and pragmatic coach, I believe we are all here to grow, and I will lead you in this with respect and care. 


Having said that, my journey to satisfaction and ease at work and in my leadership role was a progressive adventure articulated in different phases.



Throughout the first part of my career, I thought that the problem was the environment. I spent years developing it as much as possible as a project and program manager! Bad structure, bad hierarchy, bad industry. But let's be clear: changing the environment is quite a challenge, and the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous nature of our organizations will not change anytime soon, making my ideal an unreachable goal. This strategy did not prove very satisfactory.


I quickly took on responsibilities in the corporate world. Leadership positions brought new questions and additional discomfort. Am I up to the role? Do I have the proper training? Then I started to think that the problem was with me. That I must be missing something to make it so uncomfortable. Training, skills, qualities... 

travailleur de bureau


Still in a form of dissatisfaction, in 2014, I made a 180-degree transition to the field of personal and organizational development. I then entered another phase. I put labels on my discomfort for a while, surrounded by psychologists: I have performance anxiety, I'm a perfectionist with high expectations, etc. I was seduced for a time by the idea of giving up and “dealing with it”. But between us, renunciation was not really the style of the house.


One day, however, I realized that the helplessness and frustration were mine. They came from my worldview, my beliefs, and my principles. If these are my reactions, the good news is that they are within my control. This change in perspective transformed my reality. Work is just a laboratory (not to say a game), and it is there for me to evolve if I choose to do so.


You are not doomed to be a perfectionist, a control freak or an anxious person all your life! This may change! LinkedIn Posts-8.png


I had to find the tools for it. From a spectator, I became an actress. In 20 years of my career, I have gone from total disappointment on the verge of burnout to “my balance.” I changed my approach to work enormously and tested things that were at least alternative to the Cartesian that I was. I share with you the origin of an ultra-rapid rise in the hierarchy, a 180-degree career change, and an unexpected entrepreneurial project. Above all, it is a professional satisfaction that grows every day.


A secret? Your success and satisfaction will come from your ability to see the world differently and to do things differently. And neither a new academic training nor the company will think of that for you!


Does this resonate with you? Is it time for things to change for you too?



  • 20 years in business, in management positions, including the highest ones.

  • Nealyr 10 years as a consultant and coach in people and organizational development, particularly in organizations in crisis

  • A professional coaching diploma and a PCC (ICF) accreditation meaning I have over 500 hours of coaching experience.

  • A diploma as a clinical hypnotherapist specializing in "Rapid Transformational Therapy" (Marisa Peer Method)

  • A degree in academic medicine (150 hrs)

  • A Master's degree in Communication Sciences (MSc), with a specialization in business communication

  • Long experience of change, professional certification in project management (PMP, and extensive experience in the field.

  • But above all, experience and an understanding of what it means to “battle” with yourself and others at work. I know what it’s like to check all the boxes and feel empty. To be passed over for a promotion. Or feeling overworked while caring so much about your work that it's impossible to let go. In short, I've been there and look forward to helping you get past it all. Because it’s possible! And much more accessible than you think… 



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