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“Today, I feel more legitimate, I finally feel like I have the right to be who I am.”

Paul, Entrepreneur

"I worked on my self-esteem. A subject that has bothered me for a long time. The session itself was super powerful: something went away immediately. After a week, I felt more solid and more determined. In addition, many things in business have started to move. In the month since the session, my energy has changed. Today, I feel more legitimate. I finally feel the right to be who I am. It is now my voice that guides me and no longer these little external voices that jostled in my head. It's as if I had taken off, and the dynamic was just beginning. Finally, I have this certainty of being right, and that's worth gold! And it's clear, it makes you want to continue working on other aspects! Psychotherapy brought me a lot, especially a cognitive understanding of my difficulties. RTT allowed me to change and feel the change on an energetic and emotional level in a very tangible way. Anne? She took me on delicate grounds with kindness and a great solidity which gives confidence in an amazing process."

"The changes are very subtle and, at the same time, deep and lasting. "

Debora, Director shared services

"I am a jack-of-all-trades who loves to learn and create connections. I hold responsibilities at the level of general management (support functions – HR, Finance, IT, etc.) and the board of directors of an architectural firm. Even though I love multitasking and responsibilities, I had reached a stage where the dispersion seemed too significant. My nature of "wanting to be of service" took over to the extent that I forgot what I wanted professionally and prevented me from projecting myself in the future. The image I had was of being in a cage with the door open, but I couldn't get out despite the desire to explore the surroundings. Why did I choose Anne? First, I knew Anne from having crossed paths professionally in the past. She puts her extensive knowledge related to the development of individuals and organizations at the service of her clients. I was immediately convinced of the relevance of her "hybrid" coaching and RTT approach. What spoke to me the most was the classic coaching that acts at the mental level and understanding and the RTT that allows diving into emotions, feelings, and the unconscious. Combining the two allows, in a relatively short time, to change deep-seated patterns and limiting beliefs. But that's not all; I also greatly appreciated: * The proposed framework (duration, structure, frequency of sessions, follow-up, etc.) * The flexibility of the approach that adapted to my needs and evolution * Anne's ability to understand and pinpoint the issue and to quickly provide keys for understanding and solutions to overcome it. I had tried several methods and tools that all provided keys to understanding. However, I realize how much the body-centered approach (like RTT) accelerates the change process. What results did I achieve? Mainly this: * Clarification of professional activities I want to develop in the future * Awareness, understanding, and overcoming specific blockages * An inner change that positively altered interactions and my relationship with others The changes are very subtle and, at the same time, deep and lasting. It's mainly how I communicate with certain people that has evolved. I recommend this journey without hesitation! A big THANK YOU Anne!"

Ancre 1 JF

"Psychotherapy helped me understand. RTT allowed me to change what I wanted to change."

Irina, Senior Manager

"I wanted to work on confidence at work and in public speaking. 3 weeks after session 1, something had definitely shifted. I had no fear anymore of setting boundaries. I was more confident, not fearing rejection, and I had very fact-based discussions.
Then, I wanted to further develop my assertiveness. I had noticed that my confidence was tainted with anger and frustration, leading me to be less nice and even sometimes aggressive. After the second session, It's been amazing! I went through a stressful period right after the session. I noticed how I would not reach the bottom of my energy anymore and set clear limits to work, allowing me to have better interactions. I also managed to make tough/bold decisions without doubting myself. I consulted the team, listened to them, and then easily decided. I also positioned myself more clearly in front of some key stakeholders.
Listening to the recording made me feel different: reassured and calmer, even during crazy days at work. In parallel, the coaching work clarified what was important to me and to reconnect with why I was still enjoying my career while I was considering dropping everything and looking for another path. The overall package of sessions was about my career. I was feeling lost, stressed, and close to burnout….Two months after, I have hope again. I can project myself professionally and feel ready for a fresh start. I have clarity about what I want and what I don't want anymore. The overall process brought me calmness, and I feel more confident. My perspective on my very challenging current job has changed. This experience has become a great playground for me to keep on growing. I'm not over-adapting anymore. I'm more assertive and concentrate on what is important to me. The combination was perfect. I've seen results very fast, which was impressive compared to 18 months of talk therapy. Talk therapy allowed me to understand. RTT allowed me to change what I wanted to change."

"In burnout, in just 3 weeks, as incredible as it may seem, I completely recovered and regained strength and confidence in myself."

Pascal, Executive in the Hospitality industry

"3 weeks with my watch in hand! As an executive in a bistronomic restaurant since the beginning of 2021, I quickly experienced bullying, non-recognition, usurpation of ideas, nepotism in the house, and no room for maneuvering. In short, months of a Cornelian situation put my mind and my psyche to the test. My self-esteem went lower than the ground, and I suddenly found myself in a 100% burnout situation for an indefinite period. Sadness, loss of joy, lack of appetite, fear of my own shadow, and voluntary isolation from my loved ones.  Anne, a long-time friend, contacted me to find out how I was doing. I told her about my condition, and she suggested an RTT session. Me and hypnosis being at least two, I gave her my agreement while informing her of some skepticism about such practices.  The date of the RTT session was set in no time. The day arrived, and we had a 3-hour session with Zoom, from which I came out laminated with a few deciliters of tears less. We went back to when I was ten years old... it was very intense.  But in just three weeks (and much listening to my recording), as incredible as it sounds, I completely recovered and found strength and confidence in myself. No more hate, no more anger! I feel pleasure again, and I started a wonderful project as an independent! I'm going for it, and at the same time, I'm making sure to take care of myself regularly. I am also more connected again: I have seen friends and family again with great joy. I have also become more assertive in my relationships. I say things much more clearly. My therapist does not recognize me. With him, in 6 years, I have understood many things. He has equipped me with a beautiful toolbox. With the RTT process, I can finally use these tools. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Anne! Anne, you told me that I had done all the work myself and that it was thanks to my efforts that I was back on track! It's true, but I remain firmly convinced that you found the proper guidance that allowed me to regain calm, serenity, and the desire to move forward.  M E R C I - I am incredibly grateful for what you have done for my humble self."

"My way of handling my current job, as unsatisfying as it is, has changed."

David, Solution Architect

"I wanted to get rid of my tendency to procrastinate. Over the years, I had noticed that I would have great business ideas but wouldn't further explore them. I would then realize later that others did and had great success with them. So even if I could work long hours for my employer, I would quit quickly on my up-and-coming business ideas, leaving me pissed off and frustrated. I knew I was the only person responsible for these "failures." I sometimes felt it was offensive to my intelligence because I know I have all it takes to make great things happen. But as soon as it would be for myself, the procrastination phenomena would happen again. I wanted that to change: I want my personal projects to become the source of another lifestyle. The RTT session revealed how I was unknowingly sabotaging myself. In the following days, after this new understanding and with the help of the "rewiring" process, I started feeling a new sense of calm. Things began to seem less difficult, and myself more positive. A month later, I noticed that this sense of calm and peace about my current and future situation has stayed with me and that the next steps and what I should do, have become more evident. I've actually even been working on new ideas and attending courses. Over the past few weeks, I also had a job interview and established two new partnerships to explore ideas. I know it's just the beginning, but this feels right. I also noticed that my way of handling my current (unsatisfactory) job has changed: I know it's the end of a cycle. I feel I'm finally turning this page. I'm less annoyed, less emotional, and slowly more detached from it. I knew I needed to work on certain things to make change happen. RTT helped me identify these mindset changes and materialize them. It also pushed me to question additional elements throughout the process. As a result, I know something has shifted, and I'm ready for a new life to take shape!"

Ancre 2 IP

"In six weeks, I went from being totally stuck to a real change in perspective on my future."

Stéphane, Director

"I always wanted to set up my own business. But something was holding me back. Usually creative and inspired, I was blocked and unable to produce and articulate any idea.  I took an essential step with this coaching/RTT combination. First, the coaching allowed me to identify and target what was blocking me. In my case, it was necessary. Then, RTT acted as an accelerator: we deconstructed and broke what needed to be to build what I wanted instead. This complementarity is very interesting. I felt different the day after my RTT session. Then, a week later, I saw a big difference in my sleep. I slept more deeply, and I had less tension in my sleep. And I started to "make room in my current job" to give space to my projects. In 6 weeks, I went from being totally blocked to a fundamental change of perspective on my future, a newfound inspiration, and I even have my first business ideas. I feel more in creation mode as if the project went from a dream to possible materiality. Anne accompanied me with as much gentleness and fluidity as relevance, and the results are there. Today I took action and implemented one of my ideas. "

"What particularly amazed me about this method is the physical and concrete manifestation of change. I could feel it within myself, through a sensation of well-being, confidence, and joy."

Tatyana, City Clerk

"I was in a phase of my life where nothing was really going my way. I knew I had to rethink my less-than-satisfying work life to make room for projects that motivated me. But unfortunately, I wasn't really getting anywhere with these projects. And then, personally, I had some relationship difficulties that weighed on me. I was clearly in a slump that I wanted to get out of but didn't know where to start. I can only recommend to anyone who wants to advance on the path of personal development to try the RTT method. Quick and straightforward, it is a process that has helped me enormously in my human relations and my understanding of myself. It allows us to get out of our blocks and limiting beliefs in record time.  Anne guided me naturally towards resolving problems and internal conflicts that had been going on for years, in a trusting and benevolent way, with a very professional and empathetic follow-up. Her voice guided me during the 21 days of each RTT, three in total, to move towards the best version of myself professionally and in my family and romantic relationships.  What particularly amazed me in this method was the physical and concrete manifestation of the change. I could feel it in me, by a sensation of well-being, confidence, and joy. Then, synchronicities started presenting themselves, events, and unexpected meetings, as answers and direct validations of the elements mentioned in my 3 recordings. I continue to listen to these recordings when the need arises. They are helpful tools that one can use at any time to give oneself strength and confidence. They cut short those limiting ideas or thoughts detrimental to us and of which we are the only masters."

Ancre 3 BP

"In just a few weeks, this experience has been life-changing: now I feel truly calm and grounded, and my sleep is much better."

Célestine, Head of HR

" I had long struggled with professional difficulty expressing myself clearly and stating my needs, limitations, and requirements. I could also tend to avoid difficult conversations or bypass certain obstacles. As a result, I would ruminate and feel frustrated, which sometimes led me to explode like a pressure cooker. I also tended to be anxious, so my sleep was disturbed, and I regularly suffered insomnia. I then had the opportunity to try RTT with Anne. Our session was first a revelation about my functioning, and the change took shape very quickly. I slept so much more during the week that followed, deep and restful sleep at last. My daughter told me the following week that she found me "more zen". I did indeed feel more settled at home and work. I even noticed that an exchange with my CEO that would have seriously impacted me before was only briefly annoying and, above all, did not cause any rumination. I also finally expressed firm requests to a colleague who, for the first time, said yes without any discussion. In only a few weeks, I realize how much this experience is life-changing: now I feel settled and grounded, and my sleep is much better. I no longer fear certain difficult exchanges or have anxiety in me. I now manage to say no. I'm able to stay firm and on my line without aggressiveness. So much so that my boss was amazed to see me react like this. When I disagree, I no longer feel afraid, nor do I feel like a rebel. Instead, I consider myself legitimate and in my right, whereas I could have tended to feel guilty in the past. Now I leave the meetings having said what I had to say, and I don't brood anymore. It's a whole new reality! I am impressed by the speed of the transformation and the speed with which I was able to get rid of some old patterns. A great cleansing has been done, helping me on all levels of my life. It's incredible what an impact true self-confidence can have! I no longer waste time finding avoidance techniques or having regrets. I can't recommend this method enough. Working with Anne was an absolute pleasure. She listened and found the right words for my recording, which were just right to trigger a radical change in my professional behavior. I was lucky to have her as a guide. She knew how to guide me and managed to bring me to position myself in my relationships with colleagues and managers clearly."

"I was impressed by Anne’s ability to quickly understand the issue. Today, I am free from imposter syndrome and all those intrusive thoughts!"

Agnès, HR Manager

"I had what is called impostor syndrome for a very long time. I was at the mercy of all sorts of parasitic thoughts that reminded me that my ambitions "weren't for me" and that I "wasn't up to it".  I was sure that I "didn't belong", and sometimes, I felt completely discouraged and sad when I connected with my professional aspirations. I was also hyper-aware of the eyes of others. I could compare myself and quickly put myself as inferior. And I had this unpleasant feeling that I could not do anything of excellent quality on my own.  I stumbled upon the RTT when I had just applied for an internal management position, and all my mechanisms reminded me how much I was sabotaging myself in advance.  The day after a session full of surprises with Anne, I was already noticing that, called for the first interview for this position, I was thrilled, whereas I would have panicked shortly before. A week later, while preparing for the interview, I no longer thought I wasn't up to the task. I was instead wondering how I could give my best to this occasion. Anne's coaching in preparing my interview helped me to structure my speech and refine my posture. Two weeks later, the change was there: I was significantly more confident and looking forward to the interview, and my same negative thoughts had disappeared. I went well prepared for my interview, and I am thrilled with my performance. I was comfortable with the questions until one told me they were looking for a more senior profile. In the end, I didn't get the job. Disappointed, I said to myself that it was not the right fit. But above all, from now on, if I see something interesting again, I will go without hesitation.  As a bonus, I also realize that I don't care about other people's looks like I used to. I dared to ask for feedback on my ideas and appreciated the support of those around me. I realize that I am now capable of doing something well by myself!  This process has made a significant difference and complemented my previous work in psychotherapy. I was impressed by Anne's ability to quickly understand the problem that had been haunting me for years. She drew relevant hypotheses and then read subtly grids that were a revelation. That allowed me to eliminate the imposter syndrome, these parasitic and cumbersome thoughts pulling me down and preventing me from moving forward professionally. I warmly thank her for her listening, benevolence, seriousness, and availability."

"Confidence and assertiveness are now words I can use to describe myself. I admit, it's a real paradigm shift!"

Victor, University professor

"I contacted Anne to work on my difficulties expressing my feelings, limits, and opinions. I was reserved by nature and had never really managed to take my place in the world. I only allowed myself space to express myself when it was given to me like during the courses and training I offer as a teacher and trainer or on stage in my artistic practice. I had just finished a 2-year psychotherapy with some coaching sessions that must have prepared the ground for the work with Anne. But I wasn't done yet with the problem. I knew Anne from my professional life, and when I heard that she was offering this hypnosis service, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to jump in and try hypnosis for the first time. I felt I could trust her to reveal myself in a vulnerable way. This feeling was confirmed in the first session. I was quickly able to let myself be carried away by the hypnosis and live the experience entirely, which allowed me to feel the effects very quickly. By the second week, I was already sharing my boundaries with people I had never done so with. I also had sincere discussions with family members about things I had never dared to say. I have noticed that my posture in the world has begun to change. Confidence and assertiveness are now words I can use to describe myself. I admit it's a paradigm shift! The fact that this service has worked owes a lot to Anne's sensitivity, her listening skills, and the accuracy of the words she uses to guide me. In addition, I am a queer person. Anne knew how to navigate gender, so I didn't feel alienated. She was also very present throughout the entire process which was very supportive. I have already started recommending Anne to my friends and family for all these reasons. Bonus: I have a visceral rejection of people whispering during hypnosis, and Anne did not."

"Now, with genuine self-esteem, I am more assertive, more aware of my strengths and limitations, and more thoughtful as well."

Frédéric, Senior manager in a University of applied sciences 

"Unable to reconcile a demand for very high quality and my inability to say "no," I was an ideal candidate for repeated burnouts and other professional anxieties. Some alarming symptoms pushed me to act more radically than with a classic psychotherapist. I remembered a continuing education course by Anne on neuroleadership, and the discovery of her coaching offer seemed like a lifeline. Her approach combining coaching and hypnosis especially interested me, as it differed from a management or therapeutic approach. Understanding and removing blockages, exploring the subconscious, and then imprinting new programs at this level seemed very attractive. And what did I have to lose by trying? I was impressed by Anne's professionalism, coupled with the quality of her support. The approach is very clear, the methodology robust, and the stages well adjusted—the journey is perfectly organized! Of course, one must not hesitate to be authentic and live one's emotions, to let that often-forgotten unconscious speak. Career development and hypnosis may not necessarily go hand in hand. Yet, it is the strength of the method to identify pivotal points through classic coaching and then deconstruct them through hypnosis and self-hypnosis. I understood my deep needs and evolved my behavior to commit to a lasting change without necessarily going through an intellectualized dialogue, which is not always conducive to action. I finally enjoy a solid self-esteem. I went from a question mark to an exclamation point! I am more assertive, more aware of my strengths and limitations, and also more thoughtful. And above all, I am excited to continue on this path. The approach covers all types of needs. But what is crucial is the spirit in which one engages in the process. If you have the ambition to find yourself, perhaps even beyond preconceived ideas, I fully recommend exploring this approach!"

"Free from imposter syndrome, I have regained energy, and nothing can stop me in my new project."

Claire, HR Specialist

"Currently a specialist in the field of human resources, I no longer find meaning in this profession. So I decided to launch myself into entrepreneurship as a professional coach. However, suffering from impostor syndrome, I called on Anne to help me shatter my limiting thoughts before launching myself. This hypnosis technique is incredible! After a 3-hour session, Anne could identify where the problems were coming from. This method allowed me to free myself from my fears and launch myself fully into my new project.  When I came out of burnout, I also noticed progress in memorization and concentration. But above all, it is this energy, this desire to move forward and to do things, that are back. I no longer sleep in the morning and no longer feel the need to nap in the afternoon. I have regained my energy, and nothing can stop me from fully developing this new activity. I highly recommend Anne, who is a great listener and knows how to find the right words to help you solve your problem. I thank her infinitely for her help and her kindness."

"In just a few weeks, while I was in burnout, I regained confidence and energy to move forward and even found a job."

Emma, Executive in the social field

"Having worked in the social field for just over 10 years, I progressed within the institution I worked for and eventually held a managerial position for a structure of more than 500 employees. The actual and emotional workload required by my position pushed me to go beyond what my body could bear.  Balancing private and professional life had become almost impossible, with work taking up all the space. Thus, when I got in touch with Anne, I was officially depressed, questioning my professional future, and had been off work for more than 6 months. Since the beginning of my sick leave, I had started psychological support with one session per week. Each month, I thought I could return to work the following month, but my situation only worsened. Overwhelming fatigue, loss of confidence, and fear of returning to work clashed in my head with my desire to move forward, to get out of this situation, and to leave all this behind. Contacting Anne was aimed at seeking an alternative to psychotherapy. I had decided to leave my managerial position without knowing what to turn to. My lack of self-confidence, fear of judgment, and fatigue completely blocked me, to say the least, paralyzed me. I no longer dared to assert myself and highlight my qualities and skills, so how could I imagine looking for work! I felt like I was living a life that wasn't mine, visualizing it without being able to live it. I wanted to start working with Anne because I needed to move forward quickly, fearing stagnation and sinking deeper. I used to say that I had an elastic band holding me back at the waist, and every time I took a step forward, it pulled me two steps back. I needed to find a way to cut this elastic band. Moreover, my psychologist tended to ask me to slow down, to learn to decelerate. Although she wasn’t entirely wrong, one cannot change who they are. I am someone who wants to move quickly and make concrete progress. The first session under hypnosis was emotionally intense. It allowed me to assess the current situation, centering on who I am, without fear of judgment and regaining some of my self-confidence. After this session, I started looking for work and sending out applications, mainly to three positions that matched my profile. This first session made me aware of my own judgment about myself and allowed me to evolve it without worrying about the judgment or view of others. I also managed to mourn my former position. In the following sessions, we tackled my hyperactivity. As a proactive person, the sick leave was a major brake in my pace, considerably disturbing me. With these sessions, I found a way to move forward, to evolve quickly to regain confidence and some energy. Thus, I felt more peaceful, calmer, and serene in a few weeks. I learned to take my time, settle down, and find inner calm. I finally understood how to differentiate between my desires and needs. Passionate about my work, this journey allowed me to find a balance between my professional life, my life as a mother, and my life as a woman. Thus, after sending three applications, I got two interviews. Calm during these two interviews, I quickly realized that one position did not suit me. Not so much in terms of skills but rather in terms of balance. It was a challenging position that would have taken much time and energy. After all this journey and work on myself, I did not want to risk jeopardizing what I had achieved. I decided this position was not for me and landed the second one. Anne's support made the return to work very relaxed and serene. This journey with her allowed me to acquire an anchoring I no longer had. It also allowed me to go at my own pace, that is, quickly. The sessions with the psychologist helped me to understand myself and my environment better. Still, the work with Anne gave me astute tools to regain confidence in myself and my abilities and thus cut the elastic band that held me back. In 3 months, I accomplished a journey on myself that I could never have done in one year of psychotherapy."

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