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Anne Grandjean



What if you would start by harnessing your tendency to perfectionism? Get three game-changing strategies by clicking below!

Save time and increase peace of mind and start your journey today to become the leader you aspire to be: effective, solid, inspiring, and who knows how to set priorities. 

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  • Develop boundless self-confidence

  • End your toxic perfectionism

  • Get rid of imposter syndrome

  • Say goodbye to your performance anxiety

  • Find calm, serenity and energy

  • Be comfortable with your image and become more authentic

  • Get rid of anything that is holding back your leadership

  • Realize your full potential


As a leadership coach and clinical hypnotherapist, I help leaders struggling with self-doubt, performance anxiety, overwork, fear of failure, and perfectionism to develop genuine self-confidence, a feeling of legitimacy, and an ability to assert themselves. I help them reconnect with their needs and aspirations. and peace of mind. This transforms and boosts their leadership. They finally guide with confidence, dare to have tough conversations, and are more productive and effective than ever,


I do this through coaching and hypnotherapy, as well as a 20-year career as a manager in the corporate world and later as a director in people and organizational development. As a goal-oriented and pragmatic coach, I believe we are all here to grow, and I will lead you in this with respect and care. 

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“My passion and my greatest satisfaction is to see my clients transform before my eyes and realize their full potential as leaders”

Here is how we can work together

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What's the quickest way to transform your leadership and feel better? A super effective combination of individual coaching and hypnotherapy!


If you are ready to tackle the root causes of your obstacles and difficulties and want to change quickly, discover the tailor-made program The Career Catalyst™!

3 months working one-on-one online to turn around your life at work and boost your leadership! Get rid of self-doubt, performance anxiety, fear of failure and exposure, and more!

My gift!

Discover the 5 steps to get rid of imposter syndrome!

This Masterclass is for leaders and entrepreneurs who, despite external success, struggle at work and feel stuck, if not constantly battling with anxiety.

People who want to reconcile success with satisfaction and balance.


In this masterclass you will learn

  • What imposter syndrome (IS) really is

  • Which stage you’re at with IS

  • The 5 steps to get rid of it.​


Latest on the BLOG

Start your journey towards greater comfort and serenity in your role as a leader by reading the many posts on my blog.

It is filled with tips and tricks and some thoughts to give you perspective. Take charge of your change today!

Au travail

Work matters to you

You want to succeed and move forward, and yet, you


  • Accumulate hours because of your perfectionism or your anxiety

  • don't always dare to say "no"

  • Sometimes feel close to burnout

  • Are constantly worrying and in emergency mode

  • Are not sleeping well and you're not taking great care of yourself

  • Lack self-confidence and refrain from expressing your thoughts, resulting in frustration, disappointment, missed opportunities, or even promotions

  • Hate presentations in front of groups

  • Avoid as much as possible difficult conversations

  • Need to control and anticipate everything

  • Feel like an imposter in this new position and fear you will eventually be found out

  • Everything is going well for you, yet you feel a kind of emptiness inside, and your work has lost its meaning.


If any of these resonate, you are in the right place!

My clients no longer struggle with stress

Through the transformation process, I can help you 


  • Obtain rapid results in only one to three months through the unique combination of coaching and transformation work under hypnosis

  • Benefit from a tailor-made accompaniment towards more confidence autonomy, and serenity, and simply towards what you want

  • Regain your balance and become more calm and grounded

  • Boost your self-confidence, dare to say "no", and finally become assertive

  • Accomplish more and say goodbye to procrastination

  • Take better care of yourself.

  • Prepare for your next promotion and dare to apply for a higher position

  • Sincerely believe in yourself like never before

  • Improve your communication with all those problematic profiles and/or in front of a group

  • Be more yourself at work and be more authentic

  • Find the courage to change jobs, follow your path, or reconcile with your career.


Inevitably, you will make your colleagues jealous of your changes and progress. All this from the comfort and privacy of your own home! All the while benefiting from daily support tailored to your needs.


Irina, Senior Manager

Professionally, I felt lost, stressed and close to burnout. Two months later, by combining RTT and coaching, I had regained hope, calm and confidence. Today, I can project myself professionally again and feel ready to make a new start.

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Stéphane, Director

I took an essential step with this coaching/RTT combination. Coaching makes it possible to clearly identify and target what is blocking. In my case, it was necessary. The RTT acted as an accelerator: we deconstructed and broke what needed to be to build what I wanted instead. Stuck at the professional level, I changed my perspective in one month. I even started implementing my first newly found business ideas.

Paul, Entrepreneur

I worked on self-esteem, a subject that had bothered me for a long time. Psychotherapy has brought me a lot and, in particular, a cognitive understanding of my difficulties. RTT allowed me to change and feel the change on an energetic and emotional level in a very tangible way. That has no price! 

A unique blend of techniques to transform your life at work...

Determine through coaching what you want and why

The benefits of business coaching are well known.

A third of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaching as standard leadership development for their elite executives and young talent. (Source: Hay Group)

Coaching is profoundly beneficial to companies and individuals who hire a coach. 99% consider themselves "satisfied or very satisfied". (Source: ICF)

I have been practicing individual and team coaching for several years. I am a member of ICF Switzerland, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). I am also a certified Coach in Self-Leadership within the Self-Leadership Lab in partnership with the University of Geneva.


Work with hypnosis to identify obstacles and eliminate them

Many high-profile companies have used RTT, a hypnosis-based approach to improving workplace performance by eliminating their employees' limiting beliefs. They've worked on issues such as lack of confidence, public speaking, motivation, decision-making, self-esteem, or even financial blockages. It has clear implications for the performance of those who benefit from it.

Executives and employees of Google, EY, Disney, IBM, Conde Nast, and the Academy of Chief Executives have thus benefited from RTT.

In a 2021 study of 199 business customers, 88% said RTT allowed them to solve their problems entirely or that they had noticed substantial improvements impacting physical and mental well-being.


I graduated in Rapid Transformational Therapy and was trained by Marisa Peer. I am also a clinical hypnotherapist.

Please find out more about RTT and its accreditations.

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Experience transformation or the art of letting go of your past and building your future

Work with altered states of consciousness is not new. Yoga and meditation, in particular, will get you there. However, hypnosis has given its letters of nobility to this type of work, and science now confirms its effectiveness. That said, the state of hypnosis is quite natural: we are under hypnosis every day! For example, when you are absorbed in a movie or when your attention is diverted from driving your vehicle, and you are immersed in your thoughts.

The state of hypnosis is most favorable for reprogramming your brain. Indeed, "hypnosis and deep hypnotic states are where neural plasticity can be accelerated," explains Andrew Huberman, a Professor of neurosciences at Stanford University. In this sense, hypnosis and the reprogramming it allows accelerates your development and facilitates your transformation by freeing you from what is holding you back.

With RTT, therefore, you resolve what blocks and connects you to your past. With coaching, you build the future and the path you want! 

Learn more about the science behind hypnosis.

"Day by day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is what you become." - Heraclitus

I. Strategize

We get to know each other and take the time to study your objectives and your needs. Then, if I see that I can help you, I will explain what RTT and coaching are, what they are not, and how we could work together. We then define a plan and strategy for you and start.

II. Transform

If we decide to work together, I will guide you on a journey of transformation (most often around three months), during which you will let go of what is holding you back and begin to materialize what you genuinely want from the comfort of your home. 

III. Enjoy

You experience the change in your daily life and anchor it in complete autonomy. I remain available to work on other aspects you would like to address.

How does your transformation journey look like?


I know how much professionalism is essential to you and how much success matters. To fully realize yourself, you need self-confidence, motivation, leadership, strong communication, emotional intelligence, and clarity of mind about what you want to achieve and the goals you have set for yourself.


The problem is that you can be overworked, stuck, or just insecure, sometimes making you feel helpless, stuck, and even on the way to burnout.


Work should be a development place, and education should better equip individuals to meet its challenges and thrive. I understand that you doubt that this can change. And you are right to some extent. That's why we bet on you and your ability to transform yourself. 

So book a free goal-setting session today to stop feeling overworked, empty, frustrated, or even sick at work and finally thrive there. So that success finally rhymes with satisfaction!

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What's the quickest way to transform your leadership and feel better? A super effective combination of individual coaching and hypnotherapy!


If you are ready to tackle the root causes of your obstacles and difficulties and want to change quickly, discover the tailor-made program The Career Catalyst™!


3 months working one-on-one online to turn around your life at work and boost your leadership! Get rid of self-doubt, performance anxiety, fear of failure and exposure, and more!

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