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7 Unexpected Ideas to Give Your 2024 Goals a Major Boost

Before you finalize your 2024 goals, read the following and adjust as necessary!

It's time to review the past year, inevitably in professional terms and often personally. We look back and tally our accomplishments and successes. Disappointed by this but satisfied with that... Wanting more of this and never again that!

Then come the good resolutions and goal setting. Make the goals SMART, please! We bring out OKR, and off we go again! But all this feels familiar, doesn't it? You might even feel a hint of weariness in this ritual. The years go by and look alike, don't they?

The overlooked question in goal setting

What true satisfaction do your achievements bring? How long does this satisfaction last? As mentioned in the last post, dopamine releases are fleeting and addictive. You may think of running a marathon, painting, or completing a project. But the real question is different: what are you genuinely chasing after?

In reality, we chase goals for the emotions their achievement will evoke (or at least what we imagine): satisfaction, joy, recognition, self-esteem, relaxation, freedom, well-being, and a sense of belonging. The catch is we're conditioned to think these positive emotions result from external actions or events. Remember, you can cultivate the sought-after emotion from within. This week, I propose a provocative idea: what if we removed the goal attainment and started living and feeling what you're really seeking from today?

What if you aimed for goals that will bring you lasting satisfaction?Credit: Adobe Stock.

Setting goals that truly make a difference

It's like the story of an American businessman on vacation who lectures a relaxed Mexican fisherman enjoying the seaside. He talks about the commercial potential of the fisherman's business, possible double-digit growth, international prospects, a booming stock market entry, and the millions that would allow him to enjoy... the seaside!

What if, this year, you worked more on becoming the person you want to be rather than accumulating achievements? Being rather than doing? This involves active self-improvement, potentially your greatest challenge but also the most rewarding. Most importantly, it depends solely on you!

The stress from 'traditional' goals is the antithesis of the positive emotions you seek. If your goals involve intense competition, sacrificing personal life, and feeling burdensome, it might be time to reassess them. Consider how they contribute to your vision and ideal self and will help you become the person you want to be.

Changing your perspective on goals

What if self-improvement took a different form? What if you could feel today like the person you aim to be upon achieving your goals? Are you intrigued by the idea? Receive seven ideas in a 'one pager' format guide to reconsider and rethink your goals by clicking the button below.

Carefully select your goals (they remain essential; otherwise, you'll end up fulfilling others' goals), but don't wait to achieve them to reap the benefits!

As for me, in reflecting on this year, I'm proud to have overcome a longstanding sense of urgency. Thank you for this newfound inner peace! And I assure you, no project success, race win, or promotion could have made a difference.

Best wishes for success and fulfillment in 2024!

May this year be rich, fulfill its promises, and allow you to continue growing!


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